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Who We Are

We are a locally founded inclusive Christian community served by Roman Catholic Women Priests. We chose the Beatitudes that Jesus taught as a way of life, striving to serve others both locally and far away. We have rejected the traditional hierarchical, paternalistic view of the priesthood and embraced our responsibility to share our time, talent, and treasure with each other and with those in need.

We invite you to join us on Zoom for our weekly Mass at 4:30 every Saturday.

Church of the Beatitudes reimagines the weekly liturgy in ways that allow all who attend to participate fully in an on-line communal celebration of the Mass. A presider opens the liturgy, and attendees rotate in the roles of homilist, proclaimer, community responder, and music minister. The Eucharist is celebrated by each person in their home space, with reverent reception of bread and wine that is consecrated by the whole community. The Church of the Beatitudes exemplifies the ‘priesthood of the people’ as called for by Vatican II. At the conclusion of liturgy, participants linger to give thanks, announce news, and share stories.

Please contact us to receive a link for the Mass.

Our Beginning

Before we established our church, we were a group of Catholics who met regularly to study the many issues facing us today as a society. Our intention was to learn how we could serve our community and work to bring about positive change.

When our pastor was ordained, we were able to celebrate Mass together weekly, and our church was launched. Moving our liturgical celebrations to Zoom during the pandemic enabled us to expand our community even further by including people from multiple states and countries.

Our Vision

We stand in solidarity with the marginalized and the oppressed. We are dedicated to inclusion (we reject no one because of their gender, marital status, race or religious background). We support non-violence, and we actively work to serve others and bring about societal change for the better. We are committed to the stewardship of the earth and to bringing about peace throughout the world.

Our Message

We invite you to meet our community and experience a Mass that is celebrated by everyone who is present. We celebrate the Mass together, alternating individual voices to read the prayers of the Mass and consecrating the Eucharist together. Our liturgical language has been carefully crafted to be non-gender specific and a contemporary rendering of traditional texts. We punctuate the prayers with short silences to create a contemplative ambience, and we play and sing traditional and contemporary music appropriate for the liturgical season.