An Inclusive, Welcoming Faith Community in Santa Barbara

The Catholic Church of the Beatitudes welcomes all to share in a prophetic response to the Spirit.

Rooted in the values of compassion, peace, and justice as taught by Jesus the Christ, we are actively creating a new model of church through servant leadership. We honor the gifts of everyone, and recognize unity in diversity as we develop a community of equals.

Mindful of the human dignity of all persons, we stand in solidarity with those who have become marginalized and oppressed. We are dedicated to non-violence, inclusion and interdependence. We are committed to the stewardship of our Earth and to practices that support environmental responsibility.

Gathering together as one voice, we commit ourselves to embracing inclusive language, worship, and ministry. This is the path we choose to follow in order to grow into the fullness of our spirituality.

Beatitudes community discussion photo

Collaborative Leadership is highly valued in our community. Pictured above is a typical community meeting.