An Inclusive, Welcoming Faith Community in Santa Barbara


1. The Board of Directors is responsible for the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes as a corporate entity, operating as a non-profit, tax-exempt religious organization with 501(c)(3) status. The current directors are:

  • Hilary Peattie, President
  • Genie Hoyne, Secretary
  • Carol Murray, Treasurer

In the spirit of collective wisdom, and with a desire to recognize and affirm the multitude of gifts among our members, we have chosen to govern ourselves through a series of committees. Those who volunteer to serve on committees are discerned and affirmed by consensus. Committee memberships may change and grow in response to evolving community needs and resources. The following committees and members were affirmed by the community at its meeting on Nov. 20, 2010, for service beginning in January 2011 and have continued to be discerned and affirmed:

2. The Pastoral Committee establishes the sacramental vision for the community and participates in implementing and overseeing this vision as it shapes the sacramental life of the community. It currently includes the pastor, Jeannette Love, a lay liturgical assistant, Linda Ekstrom, and two lay community members. Note that we identify our currently active ordained ministers on the Web site under the heading "Pastoral Team" as a convenience for those who may wish to contact an ordained minister of this community for information, counseling, or guidance in issues pertaining to the spiritual life or the care of the soul.

  • Jeannette Love, Pastor
  • Linda Ekstrom, Liturgist
  • Anne Heck, Homilist and Community Member
  • Elizabeth Flanagan, Community Member

3. The Liturgy Committee, in consultation with the Pastoral Committee, plans for the community’s liturgical celebrations from week to week and from season to season. It currently includes:

  • Suzanne Dunn, RCWP, Pastor Emerita 
  • Linda Ekstrom, Liturgical Texts & Worship Aids
  • Thomas Heck, Music Minister
  • Jeannette Love, RCWP, Pastor
  • Christine Milne, community member

From time to time the Liturgy Committee may post recommendations, as noted below, regarding the conduct of our public worship. Please click a link below to see its recommendations as a PDF document

Guidelines for Persons Preparing Prayers of the Faithful

Some Enhancements to Our Liturgy, beginning in Advent 2011

4. The Communications Committee maintains securely the e-mail and addresses of both friends and members of the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes.  It circulates a weekly newsletter, primarily by e-mail. It also maintains the community's Web site and administers the restricted e-mail listserve (, that all friends and members are welcome to join and use for announcements and general discussion of community issues. The Committee currently includes:

  • Harriet Burke, Newsletter Co-Editor
  • Diane Fox, Newsletter Co-Editor
  • Elizabeth Flanagan, Newsletter Co-Editor
  • Genie Hoyne, Newsletter Co-Editor
  • Thomas Heck, Web Steward

5. The Finance Committee, under the general direction of the Board of Directors, prepares a budget, keeps track of income and disbursements, issues periodic financial statements, and assists with the preparation of tax and corporate returns.

  • Mary Becker
  • Lynn Kienzel
  • Carol Murray, Treasurer