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Pastoral Team

Jeannette Bertalan Love

Priest/Presider and Pastoral Team Member

Rev. Jeannette Bertalan Love was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest on September 12, 2010. She was a religious sister for nineteen years and trained in theology and completed additional theological studies at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Darlington School of Theology in New Jersey. Jeannette was previously ordained in the Church of Antioch (not under Rome) and served the Archbishops and the development of the Church for eleven years in Santa Barbara. Jeannette attended the University of Creation Spirituality where she received a Masters degree awarded by Naropa University in Boulder, CO. At present Jeannette is the Pastor serving the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes. She also offers spiritual direction, facilitates a weekly Centering Prayer Group, does volunteer work with the Beatitudes community and is commissioned to give the Centering Prayer introductory workshop. Jeannette resides in Carpinteria, CA.

Suzanne Dunn

Priest/Presider and Pastoral Team Member

Rev. Suzanne Dunn is Pastor Emerita of the Catholic Church of The Beatitudes.  Suzanne was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest on September 7, 2008.  Suzanne is also a member of the Sisters for Christian Community.  Currently, Suzanne serves as a spiritual director and leads a Centering Prayer Group weekly.  Suzanne holds an MA in Religious Studies from Seattle University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Fielding University.  She continues to involve herself in the various ministries of the Beatitudes Community and is currently serving as a member of the National Compassionate Circle of RCWP.

Christine Fahrenbach

Priest/Presider and Pastoral Team Member

Rev. Christine Fahrenbach Educated at the University of Notre Dame, the Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley and the California School of Professional Psychology, Christine has participated in ministry for over 30 years, and is a practicing professional psychologist. She has worked as a campus minister, high school religious studies teacher, liturgist, liturgical musician and spiritual director. Chris provides leadership for a house church in Santa Cruz, CA and participates in social justice and homeless ministry through a local parish. She continues to weave together the common threads of psychology, theology and spirituality in all aspects of her work. Chris and her life partner Helen Mayer, were married in 2007 and make their home in Aptos CA.

Michael Tompkins

Priest/Presider and Pastoral Team Member

Michael Tompkins, IHM, RCWP, DMin.  Responding to a lifelong call to become priest in the world, Michael was accepted and participated in a two-year preparation program with Roman Catholic Women Priests. He was ordained in 2011. Michael received a Doctor of Ministry degree through Global Ministries University with a focused study of Evolutionary Spirituality. These studies take life in Michael’s membership with The Immaculate Heart Community. Michael’s ministry includes pastoral care; environmental education through the lens of spiritual practice; sacramental, ritual, and liturgical preparation and leadership; and spiritual counseling. He continues to discern how to serve as priest in our evolving world.

Christine Haider-Winnett

Priest/Presider and Pastoral Team Member

Rev. Christine Haider-Winnett holds a Master of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion, a BA in Peace and Global Studies from Earlham College and a Certificate in Women’s Studies in Religion from the Graduate Theological Union. She primarily lives out her ministry as a Board Certified Chaplain serving in Palliative Care and Hospice. Previous to her career in chaplaincy, she spent over a decade working in faith-based social justice organizations, including: Women’s Ordination Conference, Call To Action and Equally Blessed. Christine lives in the Sacramento area with her spouse, two young children and a few cats. To contact her or learn more about how she lives out her priestly ministry, go to

Linda Ekstrom

Music Minister/Liturgist and Pastoral Team Member

Linda Ekstrom completed her Masters of Fine Art degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1996.  Since the early 80’s she has worked as a visual artist and from 2004 she taught in the College of Creative Studies at UCSB until her retirement in June of 2022. Linda created illustrations for Liturgy Training Publications in Chicago, most notably illustrations for a three volume Lectionary for Mass, Cycles A, B, C (1998-1999).  She also created art for The Psalter (1994), and Psalms for Morning and Evening Prayer (1995), the latter being used primarily in monastic communities. Her twin interests in art and religion led her to parish work where she served as the liturgy coordinator and RCIA director in her former parish for several years. Linda now serves on the Pastoral Team and as Music Minister for the weekly liturgies.  She also works in collaboration with the priest to write the liturgical texts and worship aids for the seasonal liturgies, which are shared with several other RCWP communities. She has presented lectures on the subject of religion and contemporary art at several venues, including the Faith and Forum Conference for Sacred Architecture in Los Angeles; at Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University; and at Union Theological Seminary in New York.

Anne Heck

Homilist and Pastoral Team Member

Anne Heck’s life as a Christian began with her baptism into the Catholic church during her sophomore year in college, and her faith was nurtured over the years in the various university parishes to which her husband’s work as a musicologist/librarian brought them. When she embarked upon a master’s program in theology, her background in languages and literature led her to focus on biblical studies. After completing her degree in 1984 she continued her involvement with college students, preaching, teaching, and welcoming new members into the church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), first in Columbus, OH and then in Santa Barbara. She has been a member of the Beatitudes Community since 2009.

Mary Becker

Homilist and Pastoral Team Member

Mary Becker Earned a BA degree in Music Education at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN and a BS in Accounting from Brescia University in Kentucky. Mary worked as a certified financial planner and advisor specializing in socially responsible investments. Mary and husband Gary helped support and lead JustFaith groups. Along with Gary, Mary participated in preparation for the Permanent Diaconate through the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville KY. She is currently a member of the Immaculate Heart Community. Over the years Mary has served as a church musician, spiritual director, homilist, and facilitator of contemplative dialogue. She joined the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes in 2010.

Clare Bellefeuille-Rice

Beatitudes Catholic Community Administrative Assistant

Clare Bellefeuille-Rice has been floating around the radical, rebellious, margins of the Catholic Church for her whole life. She joined the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community at the age of 18, and lived and worked there for the next eight years until she took a break to earn a degree in vocal performance from Cal State Long Beach. After graduation, she traveled in Europe for a couple of years, volunteering at a few other Catholic Workers, a hostel, and a few farms before returning to the states. There, she rejoined the Catholic Worker in LA for another two years. Clare became involved with Roman Catholic Women Priests through her mother Kathleen, who was ordained in 2014. She currently lives in Olympia Washington, and is also the Administrative Assistant for Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community.